Benetton House

During my stay in Krakow (Politechnika 9th Semester) I designed this Public Building Project. A store for the brand „BENETTON“ wich was located close to the Wisla and the Galeria Kazimierz.

concept text:

The lower part of the building takes over the line of the existing “Galeria Kazimierz” on the side of the river. The upper part is oriented NORT/SOUTH which means to the city and the Wisla. Because of these two different directions there is a kind of „Twist” which connects both parts of the building. Quite interesting rooms arise behind that twist. There is a huge bulge directed to the Wisla for two reasons: First to strengthen the visual connection to the Wisla and on the other hand to get more attention from passing people in both directions. The so called „Las Vegas effect” is not generated by a big sign but by the building itself.

The Building is getting more and more private from the bottom to the top. On the groundfloor (the passanger zone) people can find fashion shops, a hairdresser, a drugstore and a cafe. Thrue noble stair in that hall area the client can reach the Benetton outlet. The client will be only focused on the products because underground he will not be disturbed of influences from the outside. There is a connection to the hall area thrue a huge opening in the stairs.

The Tower is devided in three parts: the show area, the workshop and laboratory zone and the administration. In the center of the tower are the show rooms. Which means: there is the innovation gallery, an auction room and the catwalk which are connected thrue an open staircase and a cafe/bar which can also be used by employees in there break. Nearby the catwalk are a boutique and a hall for dynamic practise of movements. The north/south fassade makes the biggest movement in this area. The rooms behind that movement are getting a special attention because of that movement. The area above is reserved for the workshop, the teaching of the models and the administration. There is a restaurant in the highest floor which is orientated to the city.

The north and south facades are curtain walls then u have the most available transparency and connections to the public space. The east and west facades are much more closed. This facade opens only like slat blinds and gives a directed view to the person who wants to look outside. This facade also should remind on fabric. The special thing of the east facade is that its changing from a roof into a wall.

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