European Forum of History and Arts

2011 in Krzyzowa_Forced Migration

I took part in the „Landart-Workshop“. There were others like „Paperart“ etc.that you may watch here:

As for the fields Architecture/Landscape Architecture, the students should prepare projects (e.g. Land Art) that should be implemented 1:1 on-site by elementary means or they should be developed as more extensive large-scale projects, depicted and developed through plans, schemes, drawings, models and other visualizations.

MEOMORY LINES (together with Sophie Branigan and Ruth Turpin UCD Dublin)

„The lines of forced migration cut through the landscape following the path of absent peoples. With them has migrated the spirit of the place, leaving the land abandoned. Granite marking posts retain the memory of the place and the people that lived before.
Bringing life and atmosphere to the landscape, structures wrapped in white paper extend the memories skyward so they can be seen by those arriving. They act as sign posts marking the journey and they level the hillside to bring the horizon closer in order to shorten the journey.
The cycle of absence, creation and destruction of these physical elements reflects the impact of forced migration on the landscape.“

(means and materials used: hand crafted willow structures enveloped in paper)

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